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The following are some of the unpublished papers which have been given as talks. Contact Bob if you wish a copy of any of the presentations sent to you.

The Repetition Compulsion: An Existential-Psychoanalytic Approach (1989)
Thrownness and Possibility (1996)
The Notion of the Appeal in Psychotherapy (1999)
Keeping it Alive: The State of the Art (2004)
Lost and Found: How Do You Say Hello? (2008)
The Impossibility of Relationship (2009)
Why Feelings Matter and How Feelings Work: Befindlichkeit (2011)
The Language of Disclosiveness: Therapy and the Question of Being (2013)
Spirituality in Existential Practice: Reconsidering Spirituality Through Phenomenology (2014)
Existential Paradox and Existential Intimacy (2015)
Is Dasein an Achievement? The Developmental Line of Existence (2015)
Existential Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Essential Commonalities (2016)
Love is Strange: Illusions of Longing and Fulfillment (2016)
Modes of Appreciation (2017)